This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Barry. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
? [I2024]  
Ada [I2037] 1868
Alfred Ernest? [I2289] 1876
Alicia [I0812]  
Anita [I1530] 1886
Anne [I0813]  
Anne [I2756]  
Arthur [I0792] 1861
Catherine [I0802]  
Clara [I2036] 1862
Elizabeth Agnes [I1762]  
Ellen [I0727] 1825-05-00
Ellen [I0807]  
Frances [I2306] 1883
George [I2038] 1869
Gerald [I2755]  
Hannah Frances [I0087] 1855-06-12
Honara [I0811] 1785
James [I0369] 1741-10-11
James [I0805]  
James [I1887]  
James ? [I0815] 1690
James ? [I0819]  
James ? [I2291] 1874
James Henry [I2034] 1855-02-15
Jane [I0789] 1854
Jane [I0809]  
Jane Anna Mara [I0778] 1849-09-22
Jane Elizabeth [I0726] 1822-05-00
Jessie Catherine [I2305] 1883
Johanna [I0222]  
John [I0367]  
John [I0372]  
John [I0772]  
John [I0790] 1859
John [I0803]  
John William [I0725] 1818-01-02
M [I2753]  
Margaret Annie [I0200] 1861-05-09
Margarette [I0810]  
Markham McCarthy Joseph [I0085] 1853-03-30
Markham Sigel Joseph [I1529] 1923-08-01
Mary [I0791] 1859
Mary Ann [I0373] 1750
Mary Ann [I2032] 1851
Mary Anne [I0808] 1801
Mary Ellen [I0050] 1851-04-26
Mary Jane [I0099] 1816-02-00
Nicholas [I0804]  
Patrick [I0370]  
Redmond [I0371]  
Richard [I0806]  
Richard [I2290] 1863
Robert Power [I0779] 1885-04-14
Robert Power Jnr [I1543] 1914-01-09
Sarah [I2033] 1853
Theodosia [I2757]  
Washington John [I0777] 1860-02-19
William [I0097]  
William [I0774]  
William [I1525] about 1889
William [I1544] 1916-06-03
William [I2029] 1828
William [I2035] 1857
William [I2754]  
William Ignatius [I0086] 1857-10-25
William McGill [I0083] 1820-03-00
William McGill [I0788] 1852