This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Sheehy. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
[I1930] 1848
[I1931] 1844-02-02
[I1932] 1844-02-02
Agnes [I2784]  
Anne [I1835]  
Anne [I1936]  
Anne [I1955]  
Anne [I2493]  
Anne [I2798]  
Augusta [I1316] 1890
Bessie [I1959]  
Bessie Alice [I2761]  
Brian [I2791]  
Bridget [I2820]  
Bryan [I1830]  
Bryan [I1866]  
Bryan [I1951] 1877-10-23
Bryan Edward [I1947] 1842
Bryan of Castleview [I2795]  
Bryan of Gardenfield [I1841]  
Carol Peter [I1342] 1923
Caroline [I1319] 1893
Carroll [I1956]  
Catherine [I1836]  
Catherine [I1845]  
Catherine [I2776]  
Catherine [I2815]  
Edmund [I2819]  
Edward [I1826]  
Edward [I1953]  
Edward [I2775]  
Edward Bourke [I1314] 1854
Edward John [I1832] 1813-11-29
Edward John [I1948] 1872
Elizabeth [I1974]  
Elizabeth [I2771]  
Elizabeth [I2807]  
Ellen [I2822]  
Ellen [I2830]  
Ester [I2769]  
Evaline [I1318] 1890
Frances [I2792]  
Francis [I1844]  
Francis of Glenahira [I1847]  
George [I2770]  
George [I2785]  
Hanora [I2821]  
Harriet [I2764]  
Helena [I1952] 1880-08-18
Helena Louise [I1320] 1894-04-10
Henry [I1834] 1810
James [I2827]  
Jane [I1949] 1874-04-23
Jane [I1957]  
John [I1831]  
John [I1938]  
John [I2797]  
John Og [I1838] 1681
Kathleen [I1960]  
Kathleen [I1973]  
Laetitia [I1954]  
Margaret [I2806]  
Mary [I1846]  
Mary [I1958]  
Mary [I2786]  
Mary [I2816]  
Mary [I2829]  
Mary Alice [I2773]  
Matilda [I1315] 1888
Nicholas [I1848] 1728
Nicholas [I2790]  
Richard [I2777]  
Robert [I2828]  
Robert Keating [I1317] 1891
Robert Keating [I1353] 1820
Roger [I1829]  
Roger [I1840] 1701
Roger [I1972]  
Roger [I2794]  
Roger Appletown [I1828]  
Sarah [I2789]  
Stephen [I1971]  
Theodosia [I1939]  
Theodosia Anne Marie [I1817]  
Thomas [I2772]  
Thomas [I2774]  
William [I1833]  
William [I1842]  
William [I2796]  
William [I2814]