This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of McCarthy. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Abbey [I0181]  
Alexander [I0053] between 1888-04-00 and 1888-06-00
Alice [I0217]  
Alice A P [I0296]  
Anastasia [I1849]  
Hanna Frances Mary [I0036] 1881-07-22
Anita A M [I0298] 1917
Anne [I0178] 1824
Anne [I0206]  
William McGill Barry [I0051] 1882-09-11
Callaghan of Carrignatuo [I0186]  
Catherine [I1926]  
Charles [I0168]  
Charles [I0176] 1820
Charles [I0203] before 1760
Charles [I0227] about 1660
Charles [I1864]  
Charles [I2085]  
Cormac Mor [I1162] 1271
Cormac Reagh [I1153] about 1540
Cormac Reagh [I1155] about 1480
Cormac of Lisnegan [I1158] about 1390
Cormac of West Coshmang [I1160] about 1330
Daniel [I0090] 1804
Daniel [I0164] 1838-02-13
Daniel [I0209]  
Daniel [I1374]  
Dearmad [I0189] 1618
Dearmad [I0194]  
Denis [I2696]  
Dermod Mor [I0198] 1310
Diarmad [I1156] about 1450
Donal [I0188]  
Donal [I0193]  
Donal [I0195]  
Donal Oge [I0187]  
Donal Oge [I0192]  
Elizabeth [I0561] 1843
Ellen [I0173]  
Ellen [I0204]  
Ellen [I0216]  
Eoghan [I1154] about 1510
Eoghan [I1157] about 1420
Eoghan [I1161] about 1300
Eoghan of Foyry [I1159] about 1360
Esther [I0942] 1846-10-26
Felim [I0197]  
Felix [I0425] 1845-06-21
Felix the great [I0184]
Finglim [I0191]  
Florence [I0214]  
Frances [I0941] 1843-10-06
Francis John [I0165] 1885-12-07
Hannah Eliza [I0177] about 1825
Harold [I0659]  
Jeremiah [I0100] 1839-07-24
Joan [I1778]  
Johanna [I0167]  
John George [I0049] 1836-02-27
John George Stephen [I0052] 1883-12-26
Justin [I0163] 1834-03-12
Justin [I0169]  
Justin [I0210]  
Justin [I0226]  
Laurance [I0182] 1699
Margaret [I0174]  
Margaret [I0207]  
Margaret [I0211]  
Markham [I0171]  
Markham [I0180]
Markham [I0213]  
Markham [I0215]  
Mary [I0172] between 1786 and 1797
Mary [I0205]  
Mary [I1789]  
Mary Anne [I1130] 1821
Moira Monica [I0297] 1917
Owen [I0223]  
Rebecca [I0101] 1848-10-25
Rebecca [I0940] 1840-06-06
Robert [I0170]  
Robert [I0424] 1842-05-22
Thaddeus [I0340] 1455
Timothy [I0208]  
offspring died young [I0937]