O'Brien, Arabella

Birth Name O'Brien, Arabella
Gramps ID I0730
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death about 1820    
Event Note

See deed where John jun claimed 500.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father O'Brien, John M.D. [I0731]
         O'Brien, Arabella [I0730]


    Family of Daly, John and O'Brien, Arabella [F0234]
Married Husband Daly, John [I0729]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1813    
Event Note

676 p 430

Marriage settlement 11-1-1813

1. John Daly of Dromcolliher, co Lim
2. Dr. John O'Brien of Newcastle, co lim and his daughter, Arabella.
3. Edward Sheehy of Ballintubber, co Lim and Rev Thomas Locke of Newcastle, Clerk

In a deed of 3rd Jan 1813, between John and his brother Daniel Daly of Dromcolliher referring to land leased by Robert Sheehy, late of Cork City, who leased land (lease 14th April 1790) to their father Anthony Daly the lands of Ardagh 100/2 acres for 99 years from 12th May 1811 at the yearly rate of £65..8s . 10 d sterling payable half yearly on every 12th Nov and 12th May and that sd Anthony Daly, lessee, died intestate leaving widow and five children where under the statute of distribution Daniel Daly became entitled to an undivided moitié of 14 acres and 18 perches.

This moitié he sold to John for £300 for the number of years then unexpired.

John was also entitled to an undivided moitié.

A marriage was shortly to be had between John Daly and Arabella O'Brien with £1000 to be paid by John O'Brien to John Daly.

? John O'Brien, Cornelius O'Brien of Newcastle, co Lim.

John Daly did make over to Edward Sheehy and Thomas Locke the lands of Ardagh with Arabella to be paid £40 pa if she should survive John Daly.

Denis McCarthy of Newcastle
James Langford of Prospect Lodge

[Note that the 14 acres are probably Irish acres and approximately equivalent to 22 standard acres]

Event Note

Interesting to note that John was married before his brother Daniel (by a year).

  1. Daly, John [I2459]


  1. O'Brien, John M.D. [I0731]
    1. O'Brien, Arabella
      1. Daly, John [I0729]
        1. Daly, John [I2459]