O'Brien, Abraham Robert

Birth Name O'Brien, Abraham Robert
Gramps ID I1363
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1874-08-17    
Event Note

Name Abraham Robert Obrien
Event Type Birth
Event Date 1874
Event Place Cork, Ireland
Registration Quarter and Year 1874
Registration District Cork
Birth Year (Estimated)
Mother's Maiden Name
Volume Number 15
Page Number 103
GS Film number 101051
Digital Folder Number 004187290

Event Note

parents: James H. O'Brien, Margaret Sutton
Name Abraham Robert O'Brien
Gender Male
Christening Date
Christening Place
Birth Date 17 Aug 1874
Birthplace Cork, Ireland
Death Date
Name Note
Father's Name James H. O'Brien
Father's Birthplace
Father's Age
Mother's Name Margaret Sutton
Mother's Birthplace
Mother's Age
Indexing Project (Batch) Number I04997-4
System Origin Ireland-EASy
GS Film number 255913
Reference ID p. 103

Residence 1896-07-31 San Francisco, California, USA  
Event Note

Name Robert Abraham O Brien
Event Type Voter Registration
Event Date 31 Jul 1896
Event Year Range
Event Place 1120 Jackson, San Francisco, California, United States
Age 21
Birth Year (Estimated) 1875
Birthplace Ireland
GS Film number 977260
Digital Folder Number 005030224



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father O'Brien, James Hayden [I1186]
Mother Sutton, Margaret [I1185]
    Brother     O'Brien, Michael Smith [I1364]
    Sister     O'Brien, Ellen Elizabeth Mary [I1365]
    Sister     O'Brien, Catherine Mary [I1366]
    Sister     O'Brien, Clara Teresa Mary [I1367]
    Sister     O'Brien, Mary Kate [I1361]
         O'Brien, Abraham Robert [I1363]
    Brother     O'Brien, Joseph [I1369]
    Brother     O'Brien, William [I1370]


  1. O'Brien, James Hayden [I1186]
    1. Sutton, Margaret [I1185]
      1. O'Brien, Michael Smith [I1364]
      2. O'Brien, Ellen Elizabeth Mary [I1365]
      3. O'Brien, Catherine Mary [I1366]
      4. O'Brien, Clara Teresa Mary [I1367]
      5. O'Brien, Mary Kate [I1361]
      6. O'Brien, Abraham Robert
      7. O'Brien, Joseph [I1369]
      8. O'Brien, William [I1370]