Langford, James

Birth Name Langford, James
Gramps ID I1271
Gender male
Age at Death about 61 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1796    
Event Note

His marriage deed with Anne Daly mentions that his father had land in Dromcolliher from Lord Courtney which ties him to Mary Anne Glissane. (His mother.)

Event Note

Date: After his parents marriage and at least 18 years before he married?

Event Note

His father could have been married before and Mary Anne might be his step mother which would give a different dob.

residence 1814 Limerick, Ireland May not be him (Dad ?)
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Langford-Lodge, Newcastle, Limerick: James Langford Esq.

Residence 1831 Ireland May not be him
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First Name:J E
Last Name:Langford
Collections from:Ireland
Category:Census, Land & Substitutes
Record collection:Land & estates
Record set:The 1831 Tithe Defaulters
Occupation:Law Officer
Place Of Abode:Not a defaulter (see Help and Affidavit)
Barony:Lower Connolloe [Shanid?]
Defaulters Parish:Dunmoylan & Robertstown
Parish:Roberstown & Dunmoylan
Number Of Occupied Houses:267
Affidavit:Memorialist here begs leave to state that hitherto this has been a most peaceable Parish and that even one month since he had no idea but that the People would pay up their arrears-But now when he came into the County to ascertain the fact he found that emissaries had been about among the people and his Collectors declared to him that the people had told them it was their determination to pay no more, and that they themselves would be afraid to take any hostile steps for the recovery of the arrears- Under these circumstances coupled with the facts of their being daily meetings held for the avowed purpose of putting down tithes, Memorialist humbly submits that he has no other chance of recovering his arrears but by the mode he has now recourse to, this application to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant.Memorialist further begs to point out that there can be no reason for the witholding of his rights on the plea of extortion when it is Known that his Valuations for the three years alluded to were considerably over 200£ each year and his Settings only amounted to 130£.

Property 1837 Duhallow, Co Cork, Ireland  
Event Note

Corranugh, Duhallow. Near Glunicxxxl (big mark on the paper. [Dublin Evening Post 08 July 1837]

Sport 1837-12-02   His mare won a race.
Event Note

A steeple chase took place near Charlevilie, few days past, between O’Leary’s Diamond, Mr. James Langford’s Fltzemily, Mr. Mannix’s mare by Giles, and Mr. Murnane’s babe. Won by Mr. Langford.
02 December 1837 - Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent - Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Residence 1839 Mallow, Cork, Ireland Grove White Notes
Event Note

In 1839, James Langford, Esq., was residing in Ballyellis Cottage.
{Field Book, brd . Sur. Off. Dub.)

Residence 1844 Mallow, Cork, Ireland Guys Cork Almanac
Event Note

Langton, James, upper Ballyellis
[Page 304-305 - Guys Cork Almanac 1844-45_OCR]
[Langton ? error ?]

Residence 1846-04-04 Mallow, Cork, Ireland Disputed Horse Race + Contoversy
Event Note

Letter to paper by Ould Turf on 30-3-1846 describes a disputed race between James Langford and Mr Nunan and started a small controversy. Very interesting. (Read original at the library.)

Donation 1846-05-26   Mallow and Rahan Relief fund
Event Note

Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 26 May 1846:
James Langford £1.10

Legal 1850-06-07   Action against his attorney
Event Note

Freeman's Journal 17 June 1850

Case taken against his attorny. He had been a middleman for Stavelly, but had fallen behind in rent and been evicted. Took a case against his attorney and won.

Event Note


Mr Langford had been in the army. There had been land (certain land in the county of Limerick - Landlord R J Stavelly) in the family since 1787 but he had been ejected. He blamed the solicitor and was awarded £302.

Langford had been Stavelly's middleman.

wLrA--A — C?l_^* * that he m _ilint respect complied with the directions of bis client, but trie jury would p< n eive that at this time there _wasatreatj pending with tbe _Undlor I, thu ol>j ct of which was to give up the land on the tenant _getting some comp'n a tion for so doing Then tbe letter went on to sav , " Wednesday next will be the last day for serving notice of trial, and let me hear from you bcfor_« then " Did the jury believe that BIr Langford nt that time con&_icterel the matter to be a subject of treat) with the landlord, for it the} did, the defendant giving a consent for judgment with stay of execution until the 1st of November, was not mconsis ent with what he deemed the interest of Ins client ? If he had serv ed notice of trial, it might have had the effect of breaking off all ncgo _ciiition , and of subject 1 ig Mr _Lungfurd_, in the event of a finding _flg unst him to all his ow n and the landlord rt costs, but il he gave a consent for judgment with _sta_> ot execntim till Noverrber, that had tbe cfRct of leaving _things as thev were for four month" Should the jur_> come to the conclusion that what tho _attorney did, he did corruntlv, then the) should visit Inm with the consequences, _butifihtj. thought ho did it _hastil y, _negli_^cutl}, and without tho exercise of due _t-kill and dil genet, then he would be answer iblo to that extent for the const quern es, but fraud wui entire'} out of the cose The questi .n then for the jur} to c _insider was, whe ther the defendant did wiIlulJj and iKgli _^ _entlj. give a con sent for jud gment in the ejectment _proceeding, and if the} were of that opinion, they should iind for the plaintiff, if, however they thought that what he did was what a skilful and competent man would m Ihe pioper exercise of his pro _fe-vional judgment have done, ihe} ought to hud for tbe de


1 be jury, after an absence of about three quarter s of an hour, returned into court w tb a verdict for the plaintiff, 302; damages and Gd costs Counsel for tho plaintiff— _ITrancis M'Donagh, Esq , Q C , ,_T I) tii7gerald , E_=,q , QC, and Daniel O _GunntH Kiordun, E-q ,, attornev, Mr Will am _Ufnoh-ui Cmn=el for tho _clekndant—Iunry Martlev, I _xq QC, and tt D KMne , Lsq , Q C , attorne}, Mi John _Hannelt, _antoruev in DCTSOII

Residence 1851 Mallow, Cork, Ireland  
Event Note

Langford, James Ballyellis Mallow 1851 Occupant Griffith's 128
15 acres

Lessor's first name(s) RICHARD
Lessor's last name BARRETT

Residence 1854-01-20 Mallow, Rahan, Cork, Ireland Sued for hunting a hare.
Event Note

He is in the cancelled books for Lavally but is replaced by William Lyne in 1857/58. The lessor is Mrs Hartnett and the area is 52 acres

I am assuming that this indicates his death, though he could have moved.

Lynes are still at Larally Lower in the 1901 census.


Event Note

This is his father in law's house. Ended up here presumably after being evicted from Ballyellis.

Property 1856-07-30   Michael Hayes and James J Jackson: Ejectment on title
Event Note

Saunders's News-Letter 30 July 1856: Civil Business: Trial records:

Death about 1857    
Event Note

He is in the cancelled books for Lavally but is replaced by William Lyne in 1857/58. The lessor is Mrs Hartnett and the area is 52 acres

I am assuming that this indicates his death, though he could have moved.

Lynes are still at Larally Lower in the 1901 census.




Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Langford, James [I1298]
Mother , Mary Anne [I1335]
    Brother     Langford, William [I2448]
         Langford, James [I1271]
    Brother     Langford, John [I2958]


    Family of Langford, James and Daly, Anne [F0399]
Married Wife Daly, Anne [I1264]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1812    
Event Note

Discussed in deed:

18-11-1812 [Registered in 1837?]

1 James Langford of Prospect Lodge Limerick
2 Anne Daly spinster daughter of Anthony deceased formerly of Dromcolliher
3. Daniel, eldest son of Anthony
4. John Clanchy of charleville and Thomas Furlong of prospect Hill

William Lord de Courtney by lease 7-9-1787 demised to James Langwood deceased father of said James the lands Dromcolliher, co Limerick for 3 lives and James' will left this to his son James 4-2-1812 made by John S Keating to the sd James Langford home and demesne of prospect lodge 44 acres, upper consello, co Limerick.

A lease of 14th -April-1790 to Anthony Daly lands of Ardagh and died intestate leaving wife, Mary, and 5 children and sd Mary in her will 26-10-1810 left her 1/3 share to her two daughters Anne and Maria Daly

Thus Anne Daly was entitled to a share of Ardagh and also to a share of Anthony's interest in Gortasheedy and of Ardagh in Limerick and Glebe lands of Dromcolliher.

James Langford then put up Prospect Hill to Clanchy and Furlong (in trust?).

Gortasheedy Co Cork should go to the issue of the marriage.

Executors: Charles Daly Lackeel + John Daly of Charleville + William Langford of Dromcolliher


Anthony Daly died intestate
Mary Daly by her will of 26-10-1810. Mary Daly devised her 1 third share of the said lands of Ardagh to her daughters Anne and Maria Daly and all her other personal property to the said Anne Daly ??? and was entitled to a share of Anthony's interest in the lands of Gortasheedy and of Ardagh in Limerick and to the Glebe lands of Drumcolliher.

Ref: deed 30th-4-1795

Witness: Maria Daly of Ballyellis, Buttevant (east of Buttevant).
John Daly of Coolaleen (circa 4 miles west of Dromcoliher)

Search for all these lands in RoD.

Also note that Daniel Clanchy was a life in Charles Daly's lease (one of), John Clanchy is mentioned here, a Clanchy of Charleville is an executor of his will => good connection between these Clanchy's and Dalys.

Also, Thomas Clanchy a butter merchant and Frank Daly (lord mayor) married an Edith Clanchy.

Event Note

Her father died between 1802 and 1810 and she's getting married in 1837 => she must be getting on.


Mr Langford's mare was called Annie (after his wife?)

  1. Langford, James Jackson [I2954]
  2. Langford, Anne [I2956]
  3. Langford, Mary [I2957]



He seems to have money troubles- gets into debt and uses Coolaleen to bale him out.


His middle name may be Edward.


  1. Langford, James [I1298]
    1. , Mary Anne [I1335]
      1. Langford, William [I2448]
      2. Langford, James
        1. Daly, Anne [I1264]
          1. Langford, James Jackson [I2954]
          2. Langford, Anne [I2956]
          3. Langford, Mary [I2957]
      3. Langford, John [I2958]


Source References

  1. Leet's directory 1814 [S0174]