This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
1 1070 Howard St   United States    
  10 Upper Porchester St   England    
  1107 Van Ness Avenue   USA    
  1124 Fulton St   United States    
  11 Bellevue Terrace   Ireland    
  11 South Mall   Ireland    
  12/13 Warhams Lane, Wellington Rd   Ireland    
  136 Oliver St   England    
  13 Summerhill   Ireland    
  14 Onslow Road   England    
  14 Soho   England    
  14 Sundays Well   Ireland    
  15 McMahon Villas   Ireland    
  171 Freont St   USA    
  17 Speuler Villas   Ireland    
  185 Reinhart Place, Edgemere, Long Island, New York   USA    
  189 Buena Vista Ave   United States    
  19 Stainsbury Road Poplar   England    
  1 South Mall   Ireland    
  1 Tivies lane   Ireland    
2 200 Stockton California USA    
  209 West 40   USA    
21 in Newtown Road, Waterford   Ireland    
2 22 Connaught place Wellington rd   Ireland    
  22 Wellington Rd, Summer Hill   Ireland    
  253 Clay   USA    
  26 in Cambridge Road, Rathmines   Ireland    
  28 Leeson Park   Ireland    
  28 Main St, Charleville   Ireland 52°21'12.49"N 8°40'53.15"W
  29 Castle St   Ireland    
  2 Bishops Rd, Dunedin West   New Zealand    
  2 Mountpellier Terrace   Ireland    
3 302 Boxhill Rd   England    
  30 Patrick Quay   Ireland    
  34 North Main St (?also 77 - Slaters)   Ireland    
  35 Kilshaw St   England    
  36/37 Wellington Rd   Ireland    
  37,38,39 Princes St   Ireland    
  37 Watercorse Rd Cork   Ireland    
4 41 Fitzwilliam St   Ireland    
  43 Clare St   Ireland    
  49 Dame St   Ireland    
  4 Sidney Parade, Dublin   Ireland    
  4 Union Quay   Ireland    
5 51 Popes Quay   Ireland    
  55 Drumcondra Lower   Ireland    
  57 West Derby Road   England    
  59 Belmont Ave   Ireland    
  5 Kyrl’s Quay   Ireland    
  5 Market St.   Ireland    
6 607 Cullenswood (Winsor Road)   Ireland    
  60 Lower Montenotte   Ireland    
  69 grande parade   Ireland    
  6 Western Rd   Ireland    
7 73 Summerhill   Ireland    
  7 Farleigh Place   Ireland    
  7 Greens Lane, Tramore, Waterford   Ireland    
8 820 Union, San Francisco California United States    
  83,84 North Main St   Ireland    
  83 Wellington Rd   Ireland    
9 93 Main Street Charleville   Ireland 52°21'16.24"N 8°40'58.60"W
  94 main st   Ireland    
  9 Rawbucks Lane        
  9 St Mary's, Ballsbridge   Ireland    
  9 St Mary’s Rd   Ireland    
A Adelaide Terrace, Summerhill   Ireland    
  A Dublin Nursing Home        
  Aghinagh   Ireland    
  Ardagh   Ireland    
  Ardmachree, Charleville   Ireland    
  Assolas   Ireland    
  Athnowen, Ovens   Ireland    
  At Sea        
  Auckland, New Zealand   New Zealand    
  Australia   Australia    
B Ballinamought        
  Ballinamought East (North East Ward, Cork)   Ireland    
  Ballingarrane   Ireland    
  Ballinguile   Ireland    
  Ballinspittal   Ireland    
  Ballybahallagh   Ireland    
  Ballyellis   Ireland    
  Ballygraddy   Ireland 52°13'04.62"N 8°48'18.99"W
  Ballyhane   Ireland 52°13'27.26"N 8°49'19.24"W
  Ballyhesty   Ireland    
  Ballyhubbo   Ireland 52°20'35.73"N 8°41'20.34"W
  Bansha   Ireland    
  Banteer   Ireland    
  Barrack St.   Ireland    
  Bawnmore   Ireland    
  Bealaha   Co. Cork    
  Bedminster, Somerset, Bristol   England    
  Belfast   Ireland    
  Belleville, Montenotte   Ireland    
  Bingham, Bangor, Down   Ireland    
  Birkenhead   England    
  Birmingham   England    
  Blackrock   Ireland    
  Blarney Lane   Ireland    
  Blarney Street   Ireland    
  Bloomfield House on Rochestown Road   Ireland    
  Bridge St   Ireland    
  Bristol   England    
  British West Indies   West Indies    
  Broadford   Ireland    
  Broadford House   Ireland    
  Bromley, Kent   England    
  Brooklyn, Kings, New York   USA    
  Brunswick Road   England    
  Bruree   Ireland    
  BUCKS GT MARLOW   England    
  Burton Park   Ireland    
  Buttevant   Ireland    
C Caherfree        
  Cairo   Egypt    
  California California USA    
  Canada   Canada    
  Capuchin Friary, Kilkenny   Ireland    
  Carbery, Ardfalen Estate   Ireland    
  Carnanes, Kilrush        
  Carrigaline   Ireland 51°48'58.51"N 8°23'27.53"W
  Carriganish   Ireland    
  Carrigrohane (Ballincollig, Cork)   Ireland    
  Catherine St   Ireland.    
  Cawnpore, India   India    
  Ceylon   Ceylon    
  Charlemont Terrace   Ireland    
  Charleston Road, Belgrave Park   Ireland    
  Charleville   Ireland    
  Chelsea   England    
  Cheltenham   England    
  Cherrygrove   Ireland    
  Cheshire   England    
  Church of Kilbrin   Ireland    
  Church of the Sacred Heart   Ireland    
  Churchtown   Ireland    
  City of Cork   Ireland 51°53'54.69"N 8°28'43.32"W
  Clanchy St   Ireland    
  Clare, Ireland        
“Clifton College” Badminton House   England    
C Clonakilty   Ireland    
  Clonmel   Ireland    
  Cobh   Ireland    
  Co Clare   Ireland    
  Coleman’s Lane   Ireland    
  Co Limerick   Ireland    
  College Rd   Ireland    
  Coolaleen   Ireland    
  Cork   Ireland 51°54'06.91"N 8°28'23.54"W
  Cork City   Ireland    
  Corranugh, Duhallow.   Ireland    
  County Hospital, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland        
  Court House, Cork     51°53'52.26"N 8°28'40.03"W
  Cowes   England    
  Crawford Art School   Ireland    
  Croom   Ireland    
  Curraghclonbroe   Ireland    
  Curragh, Rathranna   Ireland    
D De Vesci Place   Ireland    
  Dingle   Ireland    
  Donegal   Ireland    
  Doonmore, Killard, Clare        
  Douglas   Ireland    
  Douglas Church   Ireland    
  Dromagh   Ireland    
  Dromcolliher   Ireland    
  Dromcolliher Glebe        
  Dromtarriffe   Ireland    
  Drumcliff, Clare, Ireland        
  Dublin   Ireland 53°20'26.55"N 6°21'00.35"W
  Dublin, Ireland        
  Dublin North   Ireland    
  Dublin South        
  Dublin South        
  Dundareirk   Ireland    
  Dun Laoghaire        
Eagle Lodge   Ireland    
  Eason’s Avenue   Ireland    
  Eccles St   Ireland    
  ED 204 Precinct 3 San Francisco   United States    
  ED 469 Borough of Manhattan,   US    
  Egmont Place   Ireland    
  Ellis Island        
  Empress Place   Ireland    
  England   England    
  Ergmont Arms Hotel (Ballroom)   Ireland    
  Fairhazel   England    
  Fareham, Hampshire   England    
  Fir Hill, Rathmacullig   Ireland    
  Fortlands   Ireland 52°20'49.71"N 8°41'37.34"W
  Fortwilliam   Ireland    
  Four Courts   Ireland    
  Franciscan House, Broad Lane, Cork   Ireland    
  Freemount   Ireland    
  Fr Mathew’s Botanic Garden        
  Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY, USA   USA    
G Gallipoli   Turkey    
  Garrynderk, South   Ireland    
  Gibbings Grove        
  Glanmire Road Middle   Ireland    
  Glanmore (Ballynaboola).   Ireland    
  Glanworth   Ireland    
  Glenbrook Road, Town of Passage West   Ireland    
  Glenstal Abbey   Ireland    
  Graces Street, Nenagh West Urban   Ireland    
  Grand Parade   Ireland    
  Grange   Ireland    
  Grange St   England    
  Great Victoria Street (Windsor Ward, Antrim)   Ireland    
  Greenane   Ireland    
  Guatemala   Guatemala    
  Guernsey   Channel Isands    
  Gurteenaspig   Ireland    
H hammersmith   England    
  Hanham Abbots, St George, Gloucestershire, England   England    
  Headfort   Ireland    
  Henry St, Kilrush        
  Henry Street, Kilrush, Clare, Ireland        
  Hollywood   Northern Ireland    
  Holy Cross Church Charleville        
  House of the Oratory Fathers in Birmingham   England    
I Inniscarraig 1 Western Rd   Ireland 51°53'44.08"N 8°29'18.31"W
  Innishannon   Ireland    
  Ireland   Ireland    
  Islington   England    
  Ivrea   Italy    
J Jamaica   Jamaica    
  John Street   Ireland    
K Kanturk   Ireland    
  Kearney St.   USA    
  Kent Station   Ireland    
  Kilbolane   Ireland    
  Kilbrin   Ireland 52°12'40.27"N 8°49'50.18"W
  Kilcorcoran   Ireland    
  Kilcrea Friary   Ireland    
  Kildeema   Ireland 52°41'12.07"N 9°34'39.63"W
  Kildeema, Kilfearagh, Clare, Ireland        
  Kildims, Kildimo   Ireland    
  Kildysart, Clare   Ireland    
  Kilfinane   Ireland    
  Kilkee, Clare   Ireland    
  Kilkee parish, Clare, Ireland        
  Killaree   Ireland    
  Killavullen   Ireland    
  Killmallock Show   Ireland    
  Kilmallock   Ireland 52°23'56.64"N 8°34'19.50"W
  Kilmihil   Ireland    
  Kilmihil, Clare, Ireland        
  Kilmihil parish, Clare, Ireland        
  Kilnamartyr   Ireland    
  Kilrush, Clare, Ireland        
  Kilrush, Co Clare        
  Kilrush parish, Clare, Ireland        
  Kinsale   Ireland    
  Klamath River   USA    
  Knockacraig   Ireland    
  Knockbarry   Ireland 52°14'24.29"N 8°47'51.25"W
L Labasheeda, Mt Shannon   Ireland    
  Lackaroe   Ireland 52°14'50.74"N 8°46'54.44"W
  Lackeel   Ireland 52°13'28.88"N 8°48'26.40"W
  Lack in the parish of Kilmihil        
  Lake Hotel Inchgeela   Cork    
  Lambeth   England    
“Laurentic” Knockrea Park, Douglas Road, Cork   Ireland    
L Lavally   Ireland    
  Limerick   Ireland    
  Limerick City        
  Limerick Gaol   Ireland    
  Lindville, Blackrock     51°53'41.22"N 8°26'15.32"W
  Liscarrol   Ireland    
  Liskennet   Ireland    
  Lismire   Ireland    
  Lismore   Ireland    
  Little Manor Nursing Home   England    
  Liverpool   England    
  London   England    
  Lonsdale St, Belfast   Ireland    
  Loretto Convent, Fermoy   Ireland    
  Los Angeles   USA    
  Lovers Walk        
  Lower Connolloe   Ireland    
  Lower Glanmire Rd.        
  Lower Montenotte   Ireland    
  Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia   Northern Rhodesia    
M Macroom        
  Maiden Hall   Ireland    
  main st Charleville   Ireland    
  Manhattan   USA    
  Manhattan, New York City.   United States    
  Manhattan Ward 22   United States    
  Mannheim, Baden   Germany    
  Marble Hill, Ballintemple     51°53'32.02"N 8°26'06.64"W
  Marine Cottage   Ireland    
  Marine Villa   Ireland    
  Market square, Kilrush   Ireland 52°38'17.17"N 9°29'04.68"W
  Marrickville Hospital   Australia    
  Mary St   Ireland    
  Mater Nursing Home   Ireland    
  Mauritius   Mauritius    
  Mayne House   Ireland    
  Meelin   Ireland    
  Milford, Co. Cork   Ireland    
  Millstreet, Co Cork   Ireland    
  Mill Valley   United States    
  Miltown Malbay   Ireland    
  Mine Hill   Ireland    
  Mitchelstown   Ireland    
  Monfieldstown   Ireland    
  Monkstown   Ireland    
  Monmore, Moyasta        
  Montenote   Ireland    
  Monterey   USA    
  Moore St, Kilrush        
  Morehampton Rd   Ireland    
  Morning Dawn, Route Orange, St Brelade, Jersey   Jersey    
  Mount Anville   Ireland    
  Mount Charles Kilkee        
  Mount Jerome Crematorium, Mountjerome, Dublin, Ireland        
  Mullagh Church   Ireland    
  Munster Iron Co., 93,94 Main St   Ireland    
N Newcastle   Ireland    
  New Shanakyle, Leadmore West, Clare, Ireland        
  New York   USA    
  Nice, France   France    
  No 1 North East,​ Cork   Ireland    
  No 1 North East Ward   Ireland    
  No. 8., De Vesci Place   Ireland    
  North Main St   Ireland    
  North Main Street,Bandon   Ireland    
  North Western Hospital   England    
O Oakfront   Ireland    
  Oldcourt, Rochestown   Ireland    
  Old Shanakyle, Leadmore West, Clare, Ireland        
P Parkview Terrace   Ireland 51°54'11.53"N 8°27'38.35"W
  Passage West   Ireland    
  Patricks Hill   Ireland    
  Patrick St   Ireland    
  Peake   Ireland    
  Phythian Street   England    
  Poplar   Emgland    
  Port Road, Inch   Ireland    
  Princess Anne, Virginia   USA    
  Princes St   Ireland    
  pro-Cathedral, Kensington   England    
Q Queen’s Square, Fermoy   Ireland    
  Queenstown   Ireland    
R Rampart’s Lane (Kinsale Urban, Cork)   Ireland    
  Rathcooney   Ireland    
  Rathdown   Ireland    
  Rathgar   Ireland    
  Rathgoggan North   Ireland 52°21'53.10"N 8°41'43.48"W
  Rathranna, Clonfert   Ireland    
  Reerasty, Ardagh, Co Limerick   Ireland    
  Residents of a house 4.2 in Belmount (Kilculliheen, Kilkenny)   Ireland    
  Richmond Street, Limerick   Ireland    
  Ring, Clonakilty   Ireland    
  Riversdale, Sundays Well   Ireland    
  Riverview   Ireland    
  Riverview Cottage, Montenotte   Ireland    
  Rochestown House   Ireland    
  Roehampton   England    
  Rose Lodge   Ireland    
  Rossinarna   Ireland 52°13'46.19"N 8°48'34.44"W
  Royal Bavarian Chapel, Westminster   England    
  Rushbrook   Ireland    
S Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral Churchyard   USA    
  Salt Lake City   USA    
  San Bernardino, California, USA        
  Sandhurst   England    
  Sandymount   Ireland    
  San Francisco California USA    
  Scilly   Ireland    
  Seminary Road        
  shamrock lawn   Ireland    
  Shanakyle, Kilrush, Clare, Ireland        
  Shandon St   Ireland    
  Shandrum Barony: Killmalock Ireland 52°21'26.49"N 8°43'38.15"W
  Shandrum Lodge   Ireland    
  Skibereen   Ireland    
  Sodbury R.D.   England    
  South Africa        
  South Main St   Ireland    
  South Parish   Ireland 51°53'39.78"N 8°28'50.42"W
  SOUTHVILLE PL   England    
  Springfield   Ireland    
  Springville   Ireland 52°10'54.10"N 8°52'08.30"W
  Square, Mitchelstown   Ireland    
  St Agatha Church, William St   Ireland    
  St. Andrew's, Dublin, Ireland        
  St Andrew’s RC Church        
  St Anne’s Cross   Ireland    
  St. Anne’s Parish Church   Northern Ireland    
  St Anne’s Shandon   Ireland    
  ST ANNE'S, SHANKILL   Ireland    
  St Annes, Wilton        
  State Normal School at San Jose   USA    
  St Colman’s College Fermoy   Ireland    
  St Finbarrs   Ireland    
  St Ignatius Chruch, Market Street, Sab Francisco   USA    
  St Josephs, Cemetry   Ireland    
  St. Joseph's, Miltown Malbay, Clare, Ireland        
  St Kilda, Australia   Australia    
  St Lukes        
  St Luke’s Graveyard, Douglas, Ireland        
  St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, Devon, England   England    
  St Marylebone, London   England    
  St Mary of the Angels church   England    
  St Mary’s Cathedral California USA    
  St Mary’s Cathedral   Australia    
  St Mary’s Cathedral   Ireland    
  St Mary’s Church   USA    
  St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, 83 Marlborough Street   Ireland    
  St Mary’s Shandon   Ireland    
  St Michael’s Church, Blackrock   Ireland    
  St Nicholas’s Church   Ireland    
  Stoneyhurst   England    
  St Pancreas   England    
  St Patrick's, Belfast   Ireland    
  St Patrick’s Church   Ireland    
  St Patrick’s Church   Ireland    
  St Patrick’s Institution   Ireland    
  St Peter and Pauls   Ireland    
  St Peter’s Church   Ireland    
  St Senan's   Ireland    
  St. Vincent’s Private Nursing Home, 96 Lower Leeson St., Dublin, Ireland        
  St Woolos   Wales    
  Summer Hill, Nenagh   Ireland    
  Sundays Well Road   Ireland    
  Sunnyvale California United States    
  Sydney   Australia    
T Tarbert   Ireland    
  Templeogue Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland        
  The Hollies   Ireland    
  The Shrubbarries   Ireland    
  The University Church   Ireland    
  Thomas St   Ireland    
  Tipperary   Ireland    
  Tivoli Villas   Ireland    
  TN, USA        
  Tourmore   Ireland    
  Townsend St, Skibbereen   Ireland    
  Township 3, San Mateo, California   United States    
  Tralee   Ireland    
  Tramore   Ireland    
  Trinity College   Ireland    
  Tullaher   Ireland    
  Tullamore   Ireland    
U Upper Rathmines   Ireland    
  Ursaline Convent Cork   Ireland    
  Ursaline Convent, Waterford   Ireland    
V Vincent St   England    
W Warren Place   Ireland    
  Washington St (formerly Great Georges St)   Ireland    
  Wellington Rd   Ireland    
  West Derby   England    
  Wigstrom’s School        
  Williams Hotel, Kilrush, Clare, Ireland        
  Windsor, Douglas, Co Cork.   Ireland    
  Windsor House, Douglas   Ireland    
  Woodfield, Dromcolliher   Ireland    
  Woodhill Terrace Glanmire Road   Ireland